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Thursday Bird Droppings: The Orioles equipment truck is headed for Sarasota

Mike Elias downplayed trade talk yesterday, so it sounds like your favorite Oriole is probably not getting traded... yet.

Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph finds kindred spirit in his $700 spring training truck
The equipment truck is probably bigger than Caleb Joseph’s spring training truck.
Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Hello, friends.

There are now 63 days remaining until the next scheduled Orioles game, which is Opening Day. It’s less than three weeks until pitchers and catchers are set to report to Sarasota, and less than a month until the first scheduled Grapefruit League game. All of this assumes, of course, that the days ago story of the Cactus League asking for a delay does not find a parallel that comes to fruition in Florida.

In the meantime, everything is proceeding under the assumption that there will be no disruptions to the regular season schedule. This has been a safe assumption to make in basically every season except for 2020. Hopefully we can go back to “The season will start on time” being automatic.

Yesterday was another little marker of progress towards players reporting. The equipment truck departed Camden Yards with a destination of Sarasota yesterday, so that everything can be there and unloaded and ready to go by the time the players arrive. Truck Day happening as scheduled is no guarantee that spring training and the season will happen on time, but it’s better than the alternative. If Truck Day was postponed, everything else probably would have been, too.

The week has seen some low-level simmering of trade rumors around the Orioles. We’ve heard in recent days about at least one team (Marlins) being interested in Anthony Santander and another (Braves) having “kicked the tires” on Trey Mancini.

I am not too worried about these rumors, and I will tell you why. Since Mike Elias has been hired as the Orioles GM, the Orioles have not been a team that constantly has stuff leaking out into the press. A big example of this was last year’s draft, when hardly anyone saw the O’s picking Heston Kjerstad.

A more recent example was just a couple of days ago, when the Orioles signed Freddy Galvis. There were no advance rumors about this, although he had been a speculated name for a while. We didn’t even get the “deal is complete, pending physical” phase of the contract. It was just, boom. The Orioles announced the signing. People who have to write about Orioles news as part of their living, including me, had to react to a done deal.

I think that if either Mancini or Santander is traded at some point down the road, it’ll probably be the same way. There won’t be big leaks about a pending deal. One day it’ll just have happened. So the fact that we’ve actually heard some tepid Mancini and Santander rumors lately almost makes it less likely that anything will happen right now. If it was real, Elias would be keeping the same tight ship he has done up to this point.

Around the blogO’sphere

Mike Elias downplays trade possibilities amid reported interest in Trey Mancini, Anthony Santander (The Baltimore Sun)
All of which is to say that you’ve been spending time worrying about this, my suggestion is to stand down until at least July.

Checking in with new O’s shortstop Freddy Galvis (Steve Melewski)
There are worse ways for a player to make an early impression than to say that he loves Camden Yards. Galvis also says he likes to help the young guys. I’m sure he’s got some wisdom to impart to younger Orioles.

Elias discusses signing Galvis, Richie Martin’s injury (Baltimore Baseball)
One other piece of news was tucked in to Elias’s availability yesterday: Richie Martin has a broken hamate bone and probably won’t get into action until early March.

Penning more thoughts on some relievers (School of Roch)
Roch figures the Orioles will have eight relievers on Opening Day and seven of them are probably close to locked in right now, so he runs through the candidates for #8.

Birthdays and Orioles anniversaries

There is one lone former Oriole who was born on this day. Happy 36th birthday to 2015 two-game reliever Wesley Wright.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday to you! Your birthday buddies for today include: actor Alan Alda (1936), basketball coach Gregg Popovich (1949), musician Sarah McLachlan (1968), NSYNC crooner Joey Fatone (1977), Backstreet Boys crooner Nick Carter (1980), and actor Elijah Wood (1981).

On this day in history...

In 814, Charlemagne died, ending a 40+ year reign as King of the Franks and a 13+ year reign as the first Holy Roman Emperor.

In 1547, England’s king Henry VIII died, leading to his nine-year-old son, Edward VI, inheriting the throne.

In 1813, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was first published.

In 1871, the Franco-Prussian War came to an end as the Prussians captured Paris. A consequence of this war is that the German states became formally unified, and the German Empire was proclaimed after that victory.

In 1958, the first Lego bricks were patented by the Lego Company. These early bricks remain compatible with modern Lego sets.

In 1986, the space shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds after liftoff, resulting in the deaths of seven astronauts.


And that’s the way it is in Birdland on January 28. Have a safe Thursday.