Blood and Ashes! Post Your Wheel of Time Spoilers Here Instead.

Greetings, fellow nerd-folk. To be kind to the full season bingers and other delayed viewers, I thought we should have a separate, spoilerific space to discuss the new Prime WoT series. I realize I'm getting ahead of the show with my title -- we haven't had an oath stronger than "By the Light" in the first 3 episodes. Will the series ever touch the obscene reaches of "Mother's milk in a cup!?"

Since CC has a mix of regulars who have and have not read the novels, we should agree on what is spoilable. I'd suggest that we say anything in the dropped episodes and discussion of the books to that point that don't give away upcoming events is fair game. Anything that talks about what is coming next from the books, readers should keep to ourselves. (Setting aside my minor violation of that rule above.) That work?

To kick it off, some scattered thoughts:

I think it looks great visually. The landscapes, the towns, the magic all work for me. The only exception is that the trollocs look a bit ridiculous. I don't think this is avoidable given the source material. They look just as Jordan described them. But that description goes down easier when reading with one's suspension of disbelief setting activated than it does looking at something in live action. If I saw them in real space, they would be scary. On a screen, they are more silly. I hope I get used to them.

I like the multi-ethnic cast and think Rosamund Pike really works as Morainne Sedai (though I wish she had a forehead pendant). Rand's look reminds me a bit too much of young Anakin Skywalker, but I'm getting over that already. I really, really hope the casting staff do not fall into the trap of having the darkest skinned African ancestry characters all being evil. We have one instance of that in the White Cloak Questioner. I hope it's the last.

I like the pacing. They are following the Fellowship of the Ring film model of cutting out episodes and details that don't advance the plot, rather than the Hobbit film model of adding extraneous nonsense. This makes me very glad. As a reader, it feels a little rushed occasionally - they are more quickly exposing romantic relationships, the connection of the Wisdoms and Aes Sedai, etc. I can see how that works better for a general viewing audience though.

On the whole, I am pretty impressed and am looking forward to upcoming episodes. What think you, Chatters?

May you always find water and shade. (Yes, Thom said it in episode 3).

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