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Tuesday night Orioles game thread: at Marlins, 6:40

The 2021 Orioles are really good on the road. Can they keep it up in Miami?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles
Will tonight be the night Matt Harvey goes over five innings?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Miami is nice!
So I’ll say it twice!
Miami is nice
Miami is nice

I have mixed feelings on the Miami Marlins. On one hand, their CEO is Derek Jeter, who I have been trained from a young age to hate. But on the other hand, Jeter hired Kim Ng to be the team’s GM and that is really cool. She is the first woman to be a GM of any of the teams in the “big four” of North American sports and it’s about time.

Another thing is that they have a player named Jazz! Jazz Chisholm is the Marlins’ second baseman and #4 prospect and is having a great start to the 2021 season. They also have former Oriole Richard “Big Dick” Bleier, who was traded to the Fish from the Orioles last season. I like Dick, but one look at his numbers makes me not so sad he’s gone.

Cool names and former Orioles aside, the Marlins lose points for calling their stadium loanDepot park. I’m not as down on corporate names as some people are, I’d trade in the name Oriole Park at Camden Yards for a sponsored name in a heartbeat if it meant the Orioles went to the World Series. But loanDepot park? It’s not even capitalized? Except in the middle of the smashed up non-word?? Make better decisions, Marlins.

The Orioles were supposed to go to Miami last year for a two-game series, but as you may recall the Marlins were the first team to have a major COVID outbreak. So instead of the Orioles playing in Miami, the Marlins were off for nine days to quarantine and then came to Camden Yards and beat the Orioles four straight times. Good memory.

For more (or...any, really) information about this series, check out my colleague Harrison’s series preview for this two-game set.

Orioles Lineup

1. Cedric Mullins (L) CF

2. Anthony Santander (S) RF

3. DJ Stewart (L) LF

4. Trey Mancini (R) 1B

5. Maikel Franco (R) 3B

6. Rio Ruiz (L) 2B

7. Freddy Galvis (S) SS

8. Chance Sisco (L) C

9. Matt Harvey (R) P

Marlins Lineup

1. Corey Dickerson (L) LF

2. Miguel Rojas (R) SS

3. Jesus Aguilar (R) 1B

4. Adam Duvall (R) RF

5. Brian Anderson (R) 3B

6. Jazz Chisholm Jr. (L) 2B

7. Jorge Alfaro (R) C

8. Lewis Brinson (R) CF

9. Nick Neidert (R) P

Oh, right. Pitchers batting. How cute. Let’s go O’s!