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Get your John Means Business shirt - NOW WITH A NO-HITTER

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The assorted experts and computer models that predicted the 2021 season foresaw nothing good for the Orioles. They have answered the models by winning their first two games. It’s a fun start to the season for an O’s fan.

A big part of the reason the team has started off 2-0 was the brilliant Opening Day start by John Means in Boston. Means’s outing of seven shutout innings with only one hit and no walks allowed ranks among the greatest Opening Day efforts in the history of the franchise, and by one metric it stands as the best Opening Day outing of any MLB pitcher this season.

You can show your Means support with this punny new design from the folks at BreakingT. Who doesn’t think “John Means Business” every time they hear his name? This MLBPA-licensed shirt features that phrase and will be a good choice to wear any time the 2019 AL All-Star is pitching for the rest of his Orioles career. The shirt is available from sizes S-3XL, with youth sizing available, as well as a women’s dolman style, and a hoodie version to keep you warm when Means is pitching in cold weather.