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Wear Cedric Mullins’s home run robbery around town with this new shirt

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There’s not much that’s more exciting among baseball plays in the field than when an outfielder is able to climb the fence like Spider-Man, reaching full extension to go over the fence and catch a fly ball that would have been a home run otherwise.

Orioles fans were treated to Cedric Mullins making one of these amazing catches in Wednesday’s game against the Yankees. He drifted back to the wall, he leapt, he braced against it, he grabbed hold of the top of the fence to reach higher, and he made an amazing catch. It was almost unbelievable, except that it happened right in front of our eyes.

You can wear Mullins’s moment around town with this new design from the folks at BreakingT. This MLBPA-licensed shirt is what you can wear any time you want to remind anyone who exactly was the best center fielder in baseball in the 2021 season. He’s our All-Star, and even months after the game he’s still making Orioles fans proud.

The shirt is available from sizes S-3XL, with youth sizing available, as well as a women’s V-neck style, and a hoodie version to keep you warm if the memory of Mullins making this catch isn’t quite enough to warm you up in the fall and winter months.