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Orioles optimistically announce 2022 giveaway schedule

The Orioles announced the giveaway calendar for the 2022 season, although it could be subject to change, depending on when the lockout resolves.

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles
There won’t be an Adam Jones bobblehead this year. That would be weird. There is a Boog Powell one, though.

Pretty much everyone loves going to a baseball game and getting free stuff. Teams are happy to oblige by giving away free stuff at the highest-priced weekend games. The Orioles are no exception. The team announced the promotional giveaway calendar for the 2022 season on Monday morning. It’s something of an optimistic announcement in the middle of a lockout that could yet impact the regular season calendar. Onward nonetheless!

Here’s the month-by-month breakdown of giveaways, with links to images where available:


  • 31st - 30th anniversary of Oriole Park at Camden Yards Schedule Magnet




  • 4th - Orioles T-shirt, player TBD (Make it Adley, cowards!)
  • 19th - Father’s Day Orioles Golf Visor (Would your dad wear this?)


I am taking it as a personal affront that the Orioles are giving away the 2022 edition of both the floppy hat and Hawaiian shirt when I will be on my honeymoon.



  • 3rd - Orioles Soccer Jersey
  • 4th - Orioles Tote Bag
  • 5th - Orioles T-shirt, player TBD (Labor Day Monday)
  • 25th - Orioles cap


Except for Opening Day, none of the giveaways are guaranteed to all fans. The Hawaiian shirt, as the most enduring popular giveaway, is capped at 25,000. Others are first 20,000, first 15,000, or even first 10,000. One imagines attendance will not be a problem for most of these games.

In addition, the Kids Run The Bases promotion will be returning following every Sunday home game. For kids, the Kids Cheer Free program is back, offering up to two free upper deck tickets for kids nine and under for each regular-price adult upper deck ticket purchased, subject to availability.

Friday Fireworks will also be back after a pandemic layoff, though there’s only one scheduled per month instead of every summer Friday. The fireworks nights are June 3, July 8, and August 19.

As has been standard for a number of years, these giveaways are heavily concentrated on weekends or holidays. The only giveaways that aren’t Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are Opening Day, the 4th of July, and the Monday of Labor Day weekend. You gotta pay the premium to get something for free.

There is one other non-weekend item to be given out. The June 22 game against the Nationals - a Wednesday - will be LGBTQ Pride Night, with fans purchasing a special ticket package able to receive what the team describes as a wearable pride flag. It is unclear from the design what is wearable about it. Maybe it’s a cape.

The Orioles press release announcing the giveaways also announced that single game tickets will be going on sale this week. This will include $10 Eutaw Street bleacher seats in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the stadium. Season ticket holders can buy individual game tickets starting on Wednesday, while the general public will be kept waiting until Friday.