SB Nation GM Sim

Afternoon Camden Chatters!

My name's Andrew, each year I participate in the annual SB Nation Offseason GM Sim running the Orioles, which is hosted by Camden Chat's sister site, Royals Review. Each year, we gather up 30 "GM's" to make trades and offseason signings for their teams.

For this year I'd like input from people in the CC community as to some different targets and things I should think about as I go into the sim as "Mike Elias." So if you're interested, please reply with a few answers below!

1). Who's a free agent or two that you think I should target to sign for the Orioles?

2). Who's a prospect or current player on the MLB roster who should be made available in trades?

3). Who's a player I should target via trade, either through a small deal or a larger package?

Unfortunately, because it would be a bit too ambitious for the guys running the sim, we're not allowed to make long term extension offers. If we were, my first course of business would be locking up Adley and probably Gunnar to long term deals.

Looking forward to hearing from y'all! If you're interested in advising/helping me in real time as the sim is going on, please shoot me an email at


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