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Sunday MLB postseason open thread

After three of the Wild Card matchups ended in sweeps, there is just one game to watch today, but at least it has a significant Orioles-adjacent flair.

MLB: San Diego Padres at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This was setting up to be an epic sports day with as many as four decisive game threes in MLB happening alongside a full slate of NFL football. But wins by the Guardians, Mariners, and Phillies leaves us with just one MLB game on the docket.

To recap Saturday’s games: The Rays and Guardians played 14 scoreless innings before Oscar Gonzalez walked things off with a solo home run in the bottom of the 15th. The Blue Jays coughed up an 8-1 lead to the visiting Mariners. The Phillies wrapped up the careers of three Hall of Famers thanks to an Aaron Nola gem. And the Mets stayed alive to force the lone game three.

Thankfully, it is what I consider the most intriguing matchup of all, perhaps because it has the most Orioles influence of all. Buck Showalter’s Mets versus Manny Machado’s Padres. The storylines write themselves.

7:07 - Padres at Mets, Game 3, ESPN (Series tied 1-1)

Starting pitchers: Joe Musgrove (SD) vs. Chris Bassitt (NYM)

I cannot say that I will watch every pitch of this game since the Ravens kick off at 8:20, but it will certainly get a peek during commercial breaks.

There are, of course, the Buck v. Manny elements that I enjoy. But also, there has been some chatter this week about Chris Bassitt being an Orioles target this offseason. Let’s see what the 8-year MLB veteran can do.

As the Orioles get closer to contention, I find myself getting snobbier about the quality of player worthy of the orange and black. If Bassitt lays an egg, I may be forced to look elsewhere for my pitching reinforcements.

This superiority complex is completely unwarranted, and in reality I would be overjoyed to see Bassitt on the mound come Opening Day. But I would ask that you allow me to live in this fantasy world for a few hours this evening.

We must go without any baseball on Monday, so be sure to absorb all of the bat-on-ball action that you can from these nine innings.