One fan's offseason

Okay, we are supposedly in some spending mode for the coming year, which is music to everyone's ears. I'd like an arm that could be considered a solid #2, who pitches like a #1 on many days. However, I also love looking at trades, and I see the Marlins as perfect partners for a move that would continue to allow us to look at a top end starters, while possibly adding a couple that could be aces in the near future.

I'm offering Urias, Santander, and Kjerstad for Edward Cabrera and Sixto Sanchez (coming off another surgery). I think I can get those guys, as I only really get one guy in their rotation and three of their top 5 prospects are pitchers and two of them are top 100 guys. I like the idea of taking those who recently earned a little hardware out for a spin to see what they are worth. Let's see what the Gold Glove, and AFL MVP can bring back? Urias steps right into the 3b role and Santander easily moves Avisail Garcia to a lesser role. The Marlins have to have a bat and I am willing to let Santander sink or swim somewhere else. I think it lets me keep that young and hungry vibe, while helping to reinforce the weakest area of the youth movement.

I have zero problem putting Gunnar at 3rd and Westburg at 2nd, every day. I really do not want to clog their paths.

As for the FA arm I like, I've always been a Taijuan Walker fan. Just something about that size that plays well. Entering his age 30 season, he's got miles, but not hard miles on his arm. If our staff got one tick of improvement out of him as they have with lesser talent, he could be a great cog.

I like the idea of adding a versatile vet. I don't see the next Ben Zobrist out there, but Elvis Andrus seems like a guy that you could mold into that role. One under the radar move that I would also consider is signing Brandon Belt. A slick glove and a LH bat could turn Mountcastle into more of a DH and spot starter at 1st.

I know I need a catcher and I might go the glove type, over the stick and sign Barnhart to back up AR.

My lineup might look like:

Mullins CF

Rutschman C

Henderson 3b

Mountcastle DH

Westburg 2b

Belt 1b

Hayes LF

Stowers RF

Mateo SS

It might still swing and miss more than I like, but I want to know what I have in this wave of prospects as I sort "who’s next?"


Walker, Rodriguez, Cabrera, Bradish, Kremer

As the season progresses, Means and Sanchez can work their way in, and Wells can be a great depth piece, as Rodriguez isn’t going for 30 starts and 170 innings in his rookie season.

I don't feel like I am ready to kick the door down, so much as inviting myself to the party. None of the moves break the bank and allow for adjustments along the way. If it goes better than expected, there are prospects and money to make deadline deals.

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