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Show your Adley Rutschman excitement around town with this new shirt

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Orioles fans have been waiting for the chance to feel like exciting baseball was coming back to Baltimore for at least the last four years. Only now, with top prospect Adley Rutschman having made his MLB debut this past weekend, does it really start to feel like maybe things are really on a better path.

It’s not only fans who might believe this. GM Mike Elias told Orioles reporters before the game on Sunday, “We’ve got blue skies ahead of us. We’ve got a #1 farm system. ... There’s a lot to look forward to.” The skies weren’t literally blue over Camden Yards on Sunday afternoon, but after the rain delay, it was none other than Rutschman who scored the game-winning run in extra innings. This was the third Orioles walkoff win in four games. It’s fun right now.

Our friends at BreakingT have debuted a new Rutschman-themed shirt design that’s reminiscent of the classic look of a can of spices that you’ve been seeing ever since you peeked at your parents pantry when you were younger. This MLBPA-licensed shirt reminds everyone that Rutschman is the total package - hitting, throwing, and catching - and just like that can in nearly every Marylander’s spice rack, it goes well with everything.

Click the link below to get yourself the new shirt. It is available The shirt is available from sizes S-3XL, with youth sizing available, as well as a women’s V-neck style, and even a hoodie if you want to keep yourself warm when a Rutschman-led Orioles team finds its way back into the playoffs some future October night in the not-too-distant future.