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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Showing moxie in Toronto

A nice team win, Mountcastle is surging, and Hall is on the horizon.

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Good morning, Birdland!

Well, that was a heck of a response for this team following the series-opening beating. The Orioles bounced back to beat the Blue Jays 6-5 in game two on Tuesday, snapping a lengthy losing streak against the division foes.

Highlights included a three-hit (all for extra bases) day for Ryan Mountcastle, a solid start for Jordan Lyles, and a nice night for bullpen. An all-around team win if you ever saw one.

It is the latest evidence that this O’s squad is simply “built different.” In recent years, that 11-1 loss on Monday would have sent the team spiraling. Instead, it was a speed bump that should only be remembered as Kyle Stowers’ debut long term.

Mountcastle’s success last night was fun to see. He has been hitting the ball hard consistently all season long, but his overall stat line does not reflect that. Hopefully that starts to change now. It would also be nice to see him crank up the walk rate just a touch too, but if I had to choose one, I will take hard hits over walks.

One nit picky thing about last night: why was Stowers on the bench? If he truly is up only for this Toronto series, let’s see what he can do against a lefty. It’s not like he has splits to indicate he would struggle. And even if he would, this is the season to struggle, learn, and get better. Just another oddity in his promotion saga.


Angelos family split won’t halt lease negotiations to keep Orioles in Baltimore, stadium authority says | The Baltimore Sun
If the Orioles could sign that lease sooner rather than later that would be great. I am tired of hearing about what a great baseball town Nashville would be. That’s fine. Give them an expansion team called the Hot Chickens, and leave our O’s alone.

Mountcastle’s production finally backing up his potential |
Good teams have players like Mountcastle in their lineup. He cannot be the center of your offense, but it sure is useful to have a 30-homer threat in the fifth spot every night.

Answers to your Oriole questions, Part 2 | Baltimore Baseball
Included in here is the prediction that DL Hall will be with the Orioles sometime next month. That sounds right to me. Hall tossed 82 pitches in his most recent outing with Norfolk, and the strikeouts are piling up. Maybe he gets another couple starts to hone in the control a bit while also going past 80 pitches.

The feuding Angelos brothers (Ep. 93) | The Warehouse Podcast
Another podcast because that’s exactly what the world needs right now!

Orioles birthdays

Is it your birthday? Happy birthday! It doesn’t look like any former Orioles were born on this day, according to Baseball Reference. But you do share a birthday with manager Dusty Baker (b. 1949), actor Jim Varney (1949-2000), actress Helen Hunt (b. 1963), actress Courtney Cox (b. 1964), musician Ice Cube (b. 1969), actor Neil Patrick Harris (b. 1973), soccer player Mo Salah (b. 1992), and football player Cooper Kupp (b. 1993)

This day in O’s history

1997 - Regular-season interleague play is introduced, and the Orioles immediately find success, sweeping the Braves over the weekend at Turner Field. Across baseball, attendance is up about 10,000 fans per game for that weekend.