What sort of price would you put on a young controllable strong upside pitcher?

Until the O's started playing winning baseball, about the time Rutschman was called up, everything good about the team was in the minors. As we approach the deadline, would there be any of these minor leaguers that we have put our hopes and dream into, that we would be willing to part with for young, controllable, and strong upside pitchers? I don't think we have that sort of capital on the major league roster, so have we become so in love with our prospects, that we would not part with any of them, to address what at least in my mind, is the fly in the ointment of the rebuild plans?

We expect Hall and Rodrigurez to be big parts of the rotation, and have hopes that Means comes back in the same form that he left. However, pitching has largely been ignored in the rebuild. Maybe our current guys are better than I give them credit for and are not doing it with smoke and mirrors, but you need a rotation that can match up with those powerhouses in the playoffs.

I started assembling a wish list of "Nearly ready for primetime" pitchers who might be available for some reason. The ones I like, aren't coming back for the Mancini, Santander, or even Lopez' of the world.

Miami has a current rotation, injured list, and prospect list, full of guys who might be able to hit the ground running by next year. The talking heads seem to think that anyone not name Acantara, is available, including Pablo Lopez. His only drawback would be that he can hit free-agency after the 2024 season. They also have guys that have been injured like Sixto Sanchez, Jesus Lazardo, and more recently Max Meyer. They have the 14th rated prospect in Eury Perez at AA and have Jake Eder and Dax Fulton who would like move ahead of everyone but Hall and Rodriguez on the O's list.

It has been said that Houston may have the ability to include pitching in a deal and I even saw the name Urquidy on one proposal. I think I like him better than most, as I am not as caught up in analytics or next -gen stats as some. They also have an enigmatic talent in Forrest Whitley.

As Atlanta seems to get good production out of most everyone they bring up, you wonder if they might be persuaded to let Soroka heal for someone else? They also have 3 of their top 5 prospects as pitchers. The Braves actually need some OF help right now, but I don't think our guys can pull them in, without us adding a prospect in return.

The Mets also have good depth on the hill. I've made my Tylor Megill fandom known, but I wonder if the Mets are not already done with deals?

Here is where I go back to my original thought. If we had to include a prospect to obtain an arm that would be completely stretched out at a time that coincides with the arrival of the minor leaguers, who would you first gulp, but ultimately agree with?

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has any crushes on a pitcher, or even agrees with me that we are going to need a couple to make deep runs.

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