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Félix comin’, y’all - and you can tell everyone with a new shirt

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One of the iconic things about an iconic Baltimore-set show, The Wire, was when robber-of-drug dealers Omar Little strolled down the open street, whistling “The Farmer in the Dell” as people scatter in his wake, afraid of his very presence.

The Orioles paid homage to this fear-inspiring stroll with a new warm-up routine for their freshly-minted closer, Félix Bautista. Just within the last couple of days, they cued up the whistling, and flashing of the banks of LED lights, as Bautista has been entering the game. It’s a reminder to the opponent: Félix comin’, y’all. When you step into the batting box against him, much like the cheese, you stand alone.

Thanks to our friends at BreakingT, you can let everyone know with a brand new shirt that anyone who’s gotten a little too into The Wire will recognize right away, with a baseball hat-wearing Bautista dressed up in Omar’s walk-around-town trench coat and chest armor.

These MLBPA-licensed shirts are available in sizes S-3XL, with youth sizing available, as well as a women’s V-neck style, and even a hoodie if you want to keep yourself warm when the Orioles play their way into some cool late October baseball in the hopefully not-too-distant future. As of Wednesday morning, the O’s playoff odds are exactly 50%. We might need to keep warm at Camden Yards this year.