Rutschman Taking Control of ROY?

With a later call up and a bit of a rough start, the ROY in the AL seemed like a long-shot for Adley. Couple that with Rodriguez, Witt, Pena, and even Ryan getting off to fast starts, and gaining hardware begins to be less of the focus.

However, for my money, he's worked himself into that conversation and if the O's remain relevant all year, he may just pull it off.

There is no question that the Mariner's Rodriguez would win if voting was today, but he's been out for going on 2 weeks and the O's have nearly caught them in the standings. Rodriguez can boast 18 bombs, with 22 steals, while slashing .271/.334/.482 with the heavy lifting happening May and June.

Witt sits at .254/.259/.443 with 15 HR and 21 steals on an irrelevant team. Much of his success also came early.

Pena has similar numbers to Witt, but his shine has worn off a bit as well.

Adley's OBP and slugging are both treading north and while he likely wont match the HR or stolen base totals of the others, his slash line could surpass them and let his intangibles take him over the top.

It is possible!

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