Should one of the prospects be getting reps at 1b?

I'm not on a head-hunting mission for Mountcastle's job. At just 25, he's provided a major league bat in the middle of our lineup and since he was drafted as a SS, I believe he is going to become an above average fielder at first base. I've not heard of any ego issues that could emerge from being a 1st round pick (comp rd) and he is one of the few guys you expect to see in the lineup each night.

However, 1b is also a place where you need some heavy hitting out of your guy. He's had 1000+ ABs, so you "should" have some sort of gauge of what to expect, and his output may fall a little short. I wouldn't hesitate to announce him as the starter at 1st next year, but with the quality and depth in the minors, along with the emergence of Mateo as guy who is blossoming at the right time, you wonder if at least one of the highly touted infield prospects might have a quicker and more productive route to the MLB by getting exposure at 1st.

When I look at the box scores for Norfolk over the last couple weeks it looks like Cumberland (a catcher) and Stewart (a 6' OF) have been playing the position. Kelvin Gutierrez got some time, and honestly I can't see that anyone has inspires confidence. AA isn't any better as it looks like Mundy and Daschback?

Maybe a good idea to move a 6'5'' guy like Mayo across the diamond? He's not ready to press Mountcastle yet, but by the time Mountcastle hits his 27 year old season, Mayo wouldn't have to be learning a new position.

Just thinking out loud.

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