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Get yourself cool Orioles shirts and support Camden Chat too (now featuring Gunnar)

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Not too long ago, wearing Orioles gear around was something that invited pity as much as anything else. Marking yourself as the kind of person who stuck with a team that won 47, 52, or 54 games in a season brings about more patronizing sympathy - “You guys will be good again some time” - than it does derision. The 2022 Orioles have blown away all of this stuff. Against everyone’s expectation before the season, they are good right now and it feels like they’re on the cusp of being even better next year.

That makes now a perfect time to get some new Orioles stuff to wear around this town or any other. Along with the winning atmosphere has come all sorts of trappings of fun baseball, the sort we haven’t seen since the days of Adam Jones’s post-game pies. From the omnipresent binoculars move to Adley Rutschman’s post-game hugs to Félix Bautista’s new The Wire-inspired entrance, there’s just a delightful aura surrounding this team. Now, we’ve even got Gunnar Henderson excitement to hopefully power us through the final month of the season.

Thanks to our partners at BreakingT, you can celebrate some of these rituals yourself with some cool, fresh shirts. At least one of these (“Chaos”) is regularly worn by Orioles players in the clubhouse and more than one can be found in the Orioles team store for more money than you’d pay to buy it directly. If you’re looking to add something other than yet another shirsey to your Orioles wardrobe, consider some of these - and if you like the look of them, please consider supporting your hard-working Camden Chat manager (i.e. me) by purchasing through these links.

If you’re still looking for more, you can check out the entire collection on BreakingT.