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You can’t get an Adley Rutschman hug, but you can get an Adley Hugs t-shirt

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Adley Rutschman has been everything an Orioles fan could have hoped and more. A couple of months into his Orioles career, he is the best hitter on the team. By measures like Wins Above Replacement, he’s the most valuable player on the team, thanks to his solid hitting and stellar defense at the premium position of catcher.

There’s one other great thing about Adley that isn’t measured in any kind of statistic or modern metric. Whenever he’s behind the plate after an Orioles win, he goes out and meets the pitcher and gives him a big ol’ hug. My wife has been saying to me for weeks, “Adley looks like he gives great hugs!” She’s not wrong.

You have to be on the Orioles to get one of those Adley hugs for yourself, but thanks to our friends at BreakingT, you can at least get one on a t-shirt. You can get one in black with a drawing of an Adley hug, or one in grey with just the script. Click the link that interests you below.

These MLBPA-licensed shirts are available in sizes S-3XL, with youth sizing available, as well as a women’s V-neck style, and even a hoodie if you want to keep yourself warm when the Orioles play their way into some cool late October baseball in the hopefully not-too-distant future. This morning’s Baseball Reference playoff chance for the Orioles is 45.6%. With what we’ve seen in Birdland since 2018, I like those chances.