O's biggest accomplishment to date?

Hey, our guys are in the WC race and have pretty much everyone rostered that should be here at this point. They are winning in a variety of ways, including the unimaginable starting pitcher dominance. The group seems to genuinely like each other and I'm not seeing a lot of me me me!

They have positioned themselves into the thick of the pack chasing the Yankees, and baring a first half where the Evil Empire played out of their minds, they'd have to mentioned in that group of "can't count them out" teams. It looks like a pretty good bet that there will be no last place finish and with 32 games to play and at eight games over .500, a winning season looks to be attainable.

So with all that is going right, I thought I'd share that I believe the fact that August made the third consecutive month of winning baseball, is the most telling storyline of this season. This shows that it wasn't about opponents, schedule, or any other fluky occurrence. It took that 12 game winning streak to get to that .500 mark, but has been maintained for going on 90 games.

Lastly, it is not over yet. We currently sit undefeated for the month of September!

What do you see as the best thing about this O's season to date?

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