SB Nation GM Sim - 2023 Edition

Good afternoon Birdland!

It's almost time for the annual SB Nation GM Sim, where 30 fans get in the fake driver's seat for their favorite teams, and over a period of three days, make trades, sign free agents, and set their faux teams up for success. For anyone unfamiliar with the sim and how it works, it's run every year by Max Rieper of Royals Review (the Royals Equivalent to Camden Chat). The sim starts at the end of the regular season with the team's real life roster. Max acts as the agent for all of the free agents, negotiating offers from all of the GM's. Finally, and unfortunately, I'm not allowed to discuss long-term extensions with any of my players (no long-term Adley or Gunnar extensions).

This thing is always a ton of fun for me to do every year. I am looking for a couple things here. First and foremost, please leave a comment on this thread with any trade ideas you may have, or free agents you'd like me to pursue. Please keep in mind that this sim usually gets a bit ridiculous with regard to the top free agents (last sim Aaron Judge re-signed with NYY for 10/$500M instead of the 9/$360M that he got in real life), and so chasing down Ohtani is likely going to venture above $500M. Since I'm trying to keep this as realistic as I can as to how the O's might actually improve the team, unfortunately Shohei's probably a bit out of my price range.

And lastly, behind every good Mike Elias is a Sig Mejdal hiding in the shadows and crunching numbers and offering advice. If anyone is interested in helping me with the sim please leave a comment and I can reach out. Statistics background not required lol.

Thanks guys, have an awesome day!

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