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Thursday LCS game thread: NLCS game 3, ALCS game 4

The LCS chugs on and at least one of these series won’t be a sweep

Championship Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Two Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Are you watching the ALCS and/or the NLCS? I have only seen bits and pieces as I’m not ready to jump back in, but something weird has happened where I kind of want the Rangers to win. They seem honestly like a pretty likable team, although they finally lost their first game of the playoffs yesterday when Max Scherzer’s big return didn’t go as planned.

NLCS Game 3: Phillies @ Diamondbacks, 5:07 ET

PHI Ranger Suárez (LHP) vs AZ Brandon Pfaadt

The Phillies lead the series 2-0 and have looked pretty much unstoppable. Schwarber is Schwarbing, Harper is Harpering, and Marsh is soaking wet. I once again find myself enjoying a team that I didn’t expect. The D-Backs seem like a wet paper towel in comparison.

ALCS Game 4: Rangers @ Astros, 8:03 ET

TEX Andrew Heaney (LHP) vs HOU José Urquidy (RHP)

The Rangers fell to the Astros last night for their first postseason loss. They seemed like an unstoppable force before that and now the reminder that the Astros are also pretty good has popped back up. I don’t care for that at all. A Rangers win tonight to go up 3-1 would be huge for them.