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Orioles announce 1pm start time for Saturday’s ALDS Game 1

The opponent is still to be determined

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Ever since the Orioles clinched the AL East, the next question has been, “When will they play the games?” ALDS Game 1 is set for Saturday, and as we’ve all been hearing for more than a few days, that’s the same day as a Billy Joel concert at next door M&T Bank Stadium. The Orioles announced on Wednesday afternoon that there will be a 1pm start for Game 1, though the exact time is still to be determined by MLB.

This seemed like the safest guess for what start time would eventually be announced. Provided there is no weather delay to the game (still a slight possibility based on current forecasts,) a game beginning around this time should be over with in sufficient time for the parking lots to clear out and then be re-filled by concert-goers.

Any earlier than that and you’re getting a morning start time in other time zones. Most likely every space in the stadium complex has been sold for both ALDS Game 1 and for the concert. The postseason TV broadcaster, in this case Fox, will make it work, presumably.

The opponent is still to be determined by the wild card round. The Rays must win on Wednesday afternoon to keep their season alive. That game begins at about 3pm. If the Rangers beat the Rays, that series is over and that’s who the Orioles will play in the best-of-five division series round that begins on Saturday.

To anyone who made plans to attend the game assuming a night-time start, sorry. You can probably turn a profit on the secondary market.