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MLB announces Game 2, 3 start times for Orioles-Rangers ALDS

The first three games of the series will each start at a different time.

New York Mets v Baltimore Orioles

With all of the wild card matchups wrapping up in two games on Wednesday, MLB had the information it needed to figure out when to schedule the games for the division round. They announced everything for the first three games of the next round on Thursday morning. On top of the previously-announced 1pm Game 1 start time (officially 1:03), the Orioles and Rangers will play Game 2 scheduled for 4:07pm on Sunday and Game 3 at 8:03 on Tuesday.

Game 1 and Game 2 will air on FS1, while the third game will air on the main Fox channel. The first two games will be played at Camden Yards. Game 3, and 4 if necessary, will be played in Texas. Game 5, if necessary, is back in Baltimore. If the series goes to either four or five games, those start times will be announced later and will also depend on what other division series are still being played.

For those interested in non-Orioles game times, here’s the full set of what MLB announced:


  • Rangers @ Orioles, 1:03
  • Twins @ Astros, 4:45
  • Phillies @ Braves, 6:07
  • Diamondbacks @ Dodgers, 9:20

American League games are on the Fox series of networks - both FS1 for these games. NL games will air on TBS.


  • Rangers @ Orioles, 4:07
  • Twins @ Astros, 8:03


  • Phillies @ Braves, 6:07
  • Diamondbacks @ Dodgers, 9:07


  • Astros @ Twins, 4:07
  • Orioles @ Rangers, 8:03