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Thanksgiving Bird Droppings: Plenty to be thankful for in Birdland

Our baseball was really good this year, and they should continue to be for quite a while.

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good morning, Birdland!

We all have plenty of baseball-related things to be thankful for this year, and hopefully that’s true for you beyond the diamond as well. That feels like a sentence that we should able say reliably for at least a couple more years.

But let’s be honest, today is not a baseball-focused holiday. The hot stove we care about here is far more literal. And although the football featured on Thanksgiving tends to be sub-optimal, at least it’s there, and as Keanu Reeves said in one of the marquee films of my youth, Hardball “One of the most important things in life is showing up.” So true.

I will be the person driving between families today. First, to my wife’s side for a lunchtime spread, and then across Baltimore County to my side for some dinner time grub. There isn’t much difference in the options between the two spreads, but fortunately my adult palate enjoys the traditional Thanksgiving fare far more than I did as a child. We contribute homemade pies (one pumpkin, one apple) to the proceedings.

Eat some great food, spend some lovely time with family, and stay safe out there, Camden Chat. And make sure you take home a solid helping of leftovers. No one should be going to the grocery store tomorrow!


Rainy day in Sarasota no match for O’s turkey distribution |
It’s a Brian Roberts sighting! He handed out turkeys with Brandon Hyde down in Sarasota, a classic community outreach activity this time of year. I guess they are leaving the Baltimore-area distribution to the Ravens?

Some Orioles-related reasons to be thankful | Roch Kubatko
Roch gives a nice reminder of all the good things the Orioles have going for them. It truly is a special time in Birdland. And I will be even more thankful if Mike Elias makes some seismic moves to supplement the internal talent.

Hard name to spell, tough guy to hit | Steve Melewski
Danny Coulombe was a nice find, right before Opening Day to boot. I’m not personally penciling him into the team’s regular season roster yet, only because Elias has made a habit of flipping middle relief arms in previous seasons. Granted, the moment is different than when he dealt the likes of Tanner Scott, Richard Bleier, Cole Sulser, and Miguel Castro. Teams bound for 100+ losses don’t care about their middle relievers all that much.

Orioles Team Store workers to picket on Black Friday over contract negotiations | Baltimore Business Journal
It’s unfortunate that workers have to resort to this in order to get paid a livable wage. Given the Angelos family’s history in labor law you would like to see them get involved on the right side of the fight, but that feels more like something Peter would do, not his son.

Orioles birthdays

Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!

  • Brandon Snyder is 37. A first-round pick of the O’s in 2005, he would play just 16 games as a first baseman with the team from 2010-11.
  • Justin Turner turns 39. His big league career started in Baltimore, where he appeared in 17 games between 2009-10. The Mets eventually plucked him off waivers, and he has since gone on to a really nice career that continues to this day.
  • Adam Eaton celebrates his 46th birthday. The righty pitched in eight games for the 2009 Orioles.
  • Ryan McGuire is 52 today. He has a 17-game stint with the Birds in 2002.
  • The late Todd Cruz (b. 1955, d. 2008) was born on this day. He played infield with the Orioles from 1983 through ‘84.
  • A posthumous birthday for John Anderson (b. 1929, d. 1998). He pitched in four games for the Orioles during the 1960 season.

This day in O’s history

1921 - U.S. President Warren Harding signs the Willis-Campbell Act, which prohibits doctors from prescribing beer or liquor for medicinal purposes.

1955 - The Cocos Islands are transferred from the United Kingdom to Australia.

1976 - Jacques Mayol becomes the first man to reach a depth of 100 meters undersea without breaking equipment.

1992 - IBM Simon, the first smartphone, is introduced.