Baltimore Orioles Photo History Every Player 1954 Thru 2023 3790 Photos

Oriole Fans,

A million memories for every true fan.

Imagine what it would take to collect a baseball card for every player to ever wear an Orioles uniform.

Even more difficult, believe it or not, I have put together a collection of actual photos of every Orioles player…..EVERY PLAYER from 1954 through 2023. A total of 3790 photos on a CD or flash drive. Player photos are in order of each player’s first year on the Orioles roster.

Every photo has a description under it as follows: "1995 John Doe SS 95-99" meaning he was a shortstop for the Orioles from 1995 through 1999.

All photos are of a decent size. No postage stamps size photos.

If obtaining a copy of the photo CD/flash drive interests you, please contact me at


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