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Friday Bird Droppings: The last week before spring training

Once the Orioles get to Florida next week, the days will start rolling until we get to Opening Day

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles
Cedric Mullins will be swinging the bat for Team USA next month
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Camden Chatters! It’s the end of the work week and we’re a little bit closer to the start of all kinds of baseball goodness.

First, you’ll hear those three glorious words in just five days: pitchers and catchers. That’s on February 15th, with their first workout coming the next day. And 10 days from today is the report date for position players, though plenty will roll in before that. If you haven’t already, check in on the non-roster invitee list to see who might be worth keeping an eye on.

Beyond that, we have the World Baseball Classic, for which team rosters were just announced last night. You can see all of the team rosters here, or check out the breakdown by team here. Per the story, major leaguers from the Orioles are Cedric Mullins for Team USA, Dean Kremer for Team Israel, and Anthony Santander for Team Venezuela.

It had been previously reported that Dillon Tate would be pitching for USA and Ramón Urías would be playing for Team Mexico. Neither was reported as one of the Orioles participating, however, the Mexican roster lists Urías. So which is it, reporting outlets??

At any rate, I love the WBC. Games begin on March 8th and run through March 21st with the final being held in Miami. I also love being able to root for former Orioles as well, listed here:

Wait...Adam Loewen? ADAM LOEWEN? The pitcher-turned-outfielder has turned back into to a pitcher for this year’s event. He’s 38 years old now, which somehow is still younger than me and he’s been out of MLB forever.

And finally, after we slog through spring training and enjoy the WBC, it will be almost time for the realest of real baseball. March 30th, 48 days from now, is Opening Day.

Have a great weekend!


Orioles preview: Breaking down the 12 rotation candidates - The Baltimore Banner
I'm sorry, TWELVE rotation candidates? This same discussion broke out in the comments of Bird Droppings earlier this week. Andy Kotska came to a similar conclusion as those fine commenters.

Filing in MASN case questions Orioles’ ‘long-term viability’ in Baltimore, but mayor ‘confident’ of club’s commitment – Baltimore Sun
The city of Baltimore filed an amicus brief ahead of the MASN appeal arguing that the Orioles' future in the city could be in danger if they lose the appeal. The response of the Nationals was pretty much LOL, and I have to say I agree. Even though I don't want them to lose the appeal, obviously.

'They're not afraid': Former O's outfielder Adam Jones praises Orioles' rebuild - CBS News
Adam is on board! And so am I. I hope to see him around the ballpark some this year.

Birthdays and History

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have so many Orioles birthday buddies, including recent favorite Jorge López. López is celebrating his 30th birthday today as a member of the Minnesota Twins. I wish him all the best in his 30th year. Or is it his 31st year?

Also celebrating today are 2009-2011 infielder César Izturis (43), 2007 11-gamer Alberto Castillo (53), late-90s catcher Lenny Webster (58), and old-timey pitcher Billy O’Dell (b. 1933, d. 2018).

On this day in 2012, the Orioles signed relief pitcher Luis Ayala, first baseman Nick Johnson, and catcher Dane Sardinha. Ayala had a successful season out of the bullpen that special year with a 2.64 ERA in 66 games. Nick Johnson, who I advocated should play over Chris Davis (whoops!) lasted 38 games with the team in his final major league season. And Sardinha didn’t make the team.