2023 Camden Chat NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

It's March Madness time and time for people to try their hand at filling out a perfect bracket (1 in 9.2 quintillion....or same odds as winning the PowerBall 30 billion times). I'm gonna guess no one on CC will fill out a perfect bracket, but the trophy for being the most astute college basketball fan on CC is definitely up for grabs!

Will you be the one that will be remembered forever for a day or 2 of being the CC March Madness champion? Enter a bracket and find out! You can pick games based off comparing metrics and how teams have faired against common opponents (or based on cooler mascot or the colors of their jerseys). Or for the lazy person, there is a "auto-fill out entire bracket in 1 click" option available.

As a pot sweetner, if we get 15+ signups, I will pony up a reward for the winner of the Camden Chat group (that is, if anyone can beat the Whale). Winner of the group will get 1 of the following ridiculously awesome rewards:

  • a Huggy Wuggy plush
    Huggy Wuggy
  • a Chompers plush
May the best bracketologist win! Entries need to be submitted before the first game tips off on Thursday (noon I believe). First Four games are Tues/Wed, but your bracket does not need to be submitted before those games. (password to join is 'Chompers')

Camden Chat March Madness

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