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Get your Homer Hose, What A Rutsch, Adley Hugs, and other fun Orioles shirts here

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“We’re just huge proponents of staying hydrated,” Orioles catcher Adley Rutschman told Orioles media after the game where the team introduced an unexpected new celebration in response to hitting home runs. The player who hits the home run gulps down some water poured through a funnel in the dugout. The ritual has even survived its first road trip.

Orioles pitcher Kyle Gibson - the oldest player on the team and perhaps feeling the need to pretend to be the most responsible as a result - insisted that the catchy rhyme “dong bong” is not the official name and that you can instead call this thing the “homer hose.” That’s what it is, wink wink nudge nudge, at least until the fun police comes along and tells them they can’t do it any more.

You can enjoy this moment for as long as it lasts - and the memory of it even after it’s gone - with a brand new Homer Hose shirt from the folks at BreakingT. Or if you’re not afraid to wear Dong Bong on a shirt in public, you can get one of those too. If you’re feeling that excitement, please consider buying it through the link below so that a portion of the sale goes towards your hard-working Camden Chat manager, which is to say, me.

The ultra-clutch Rutschman has got his own design now, too. Every time he comes to the plate is its own kind of rush. BreakingT has added another Rutschman design to honor this: Joining Adley Hugs is What A Rutsch.

The designs are available in adult sizes small through 3XL, as well as small, medium, and large for youth sizes. Instructions on how to explain to your youth not to partake in the adult beverage uses of the homer hose are not included.

You can browse more of BreakingT’s Orioles collection, and still offer me support, by clicking here.