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Good Morning, Birdland! New Orioles podcast every Mon, Weds, Fri

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Hello, friends!

It is an exciting time to be in Birdland, a time that is full of promise that we all hope that the Orioles will soon be realizing at the MLB level. I could not resist the urge to share that excitement by getting back into the world of Orioles podcasting.

A long time ago, I had a podcast that was simply titled Camdencast. I’ve revived that old name as the place to host my new show: Good Morning, Birdland. This one features only me, chatting about the current state of the Orioles for about 20 minutes, with episodes released three times a week.

Episodes generally follow this format: First, a brief discussion of the most recent Orioles game, including things that have been trends going on for a little while. Next, a running tally of who’s been “most clutch” and “least clutch” in games so far this season, as determined by the Wins Probability Added stat. Each episode features a dive into one Orioles prospect, where they got this player, how they’ve done lately, and what they might do in the future. Finally, if I’ve gotten a listener email, I share that.

There are a few ads over the course of each podcast episode. I hope you will understand their presence. It’s fun to talk about the Orioles, but it’s also work to do a podcast and I deserve to be paid for work. I aim to do work that you will find either informative, entertaining, or both, the same as I do when I write for Camden Chat, which is also fun that’s still work.

In addition to playing the episodes through the below embedded player, you can also subscribe via:

If you’d like to email me a question for the podcast, write to: camdencastpod AT gmail DOT com. I’ll get to at least one message for each episode where there’s one to read.

The podcast is part of the Fans First Sports Network, without which this new show would not exist. FFSN was formed by a variety of folks who used to host their podcasts directly through SB Nation sites like this one. An early 2023 decision by network leadership ended support for those podcasts and the FFSN team decided to just start up their own. They were kind enough to bring me along for the ride even without my having done a podcast in several years.