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Join in the Orioles Bird Bath with this new shirt

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The water-related celebrations are the big thing for the Orioles this year. The faucet, the sprinkler, the homer hose. It’s a fun time, so much so that even the Orioles marketing people are getting in on it, with this week’s announcement that the team is debuting a new “Bird Bath” section of seats at the stadium where fans are pre-warned they are at risk of getting wet through means that have not currently been revealed.

Whether or not you have any plans of dropping in on the Bird Bath Splash Zone, you can still get in on the fun with this new shirt from our friends at BreakingT. It has a handy guide to remind everyone what to do and when, so your casual fan friends and family who are only starting to notice the team now that they’re doing well will be able to be educated properly.

This shirt is available in youth and adult sizes, with the adult sizes ranging from small to 3XL. If you like the look of it, please consider making a purchase through the link below, which will provide a small commission to your hard-working Camden Chat site manager, which is to say, me.

Or if you still want to get in on the original fun of the homer hose, you can check out that shirt too: