We need to make a couple of two for one deals

I'm not out to do Elias' job by any stretch. Things are going well enough that in my mind, surplus is taking the look of a hinderance to end-game output. When managing your 40 man roster with an eye on who can be exposed, rather than making sure that there is a bullet in every chamber great option at each position, you risk not being your best.

Again, I'm not calling for an overhaul, or a sell the farm (club) approach, but hoping to not make the reason that players may never see the field this year, being for the fear of exposing someone else to waivers.

It doesn't even have to be massive? It does, however, need to include players from the current 40 man roster. We are going to have to make some sort of move when Tate is deemed available.

My thought would be to pair a current major leaguer with a minor leaguer, to get a player who is better or may be better, than either piece we'd be moving. I'm still ready to get off of Mateo, but 3 weeks ago would have been a better time. We use our pen a lot and find ourselves without a closer in at least one game each series. The White Sox are going to be open for business and a guy like Graveman has been nasty at times. They are also going to be getting off of Tim Anderson, so maybe a Mateo/Rom for Graveman? It doesn't sound like a great deal, but are either of the pieces we'd be moving considered part of the end-game?

I'm not going to speculate every crazy trade idea that comes to my mind, I just think that if we did a couple of 2 for 1's, we could make worrying about exposing players to the waiver wire, less of an issue.

Just some tweaks

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