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Celebrate the Gunnar Henderson breakout with this new Top Gunnar shirt

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Is his swing writing checks that his bat can’t cash? Does he argue with someone in the clubhouse over whether they’re his wingman or he’s theirs? Would he ever play shirtless beach volleyball with some teammates in a montage accompanied by Kenny Loggins?

None of these are important questions about Orioles rookie Gunnar Henderson, but if seeing his name makes you think of Top Gun, maybe you now want to know the answers to, in addition to more baseball-focused things like whether his recent breakout can get him into the Rookie of the Year or even All-Star conversations, and where things will settle back down when this stretch of consecutive games with a home run inevitably ends.

For those who’ve been Top Gunnar fans all along and also those who are just now jumping from the flaming “send him to the minors” onto the Gunnar bandwagon, our friends at BreakingT are here with a new shirt that draws inspiration from the logo for that movie.

This MLBPA-licensed shirt is available in adult and youth sizes, with a women’s v-neck and hoodie also available. If you like the look of it, please consider purchasing from the link below to support your hard-working Camden Chat manager, which is to say, me. Thank you.

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