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Classic Orioles shirts for your classic dad for Father’s Day

People who are not dads are also free to buy anything they like

If you are like me, you got your Orioles fandom from your dad. From the earliest days of Camden Yards when we were there to see future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson walk ten Orioles batters in one start on the same night Ben McDonald pitched a complete game, on through to last year when we scrambled at the last minute to get tickets to see Adley Rutschman make his MLB debut together, we have seen some games, good and bad.

Maybe your classic dad would like a classic-inspired Orioles design from HOMAGE. Non-dads are also welcome to make purchases for themselves, especially if you’ve got a raggedy old O’s shirt that you could stand to replace with something that still looks classic but isn’t actually from 30 or more years ago.

Check out some of my favorites from their Orioles collection below. If you like any of them enough to make a purchase, please consider using these links to support your friendly neighborhood Camden Chat site manager, which is to say, me. Thank you.

The era of Brooks and Frank Robinson was way before my time, and Jim Palmer and Earl Weaver’s days happened either before I was alive or before I could have any memory of them. Cal Ripken Jr. is the first great Oriole who my dad and I can both remember.

Not even my dad goes back all the way to 1954, since that earliest Orioles logo debut before he was alive too. Some classics will never go all the way out of fashion, because seriously, just look at that.

As hard as this idea is for some people to believe, there are a LOT of people who are now dads who are familiar with the classic 90s video game, NBA Jam. This design is inspired by the two-person teams from that game with a couple of championship-winning Orioles who overlapped for a whole lot of the 80s. There aren’t many pairs in O’s history better than Cal and Eddie.

These were some of my favorite designs. You can check out the full Homage Orioles collection, including shirts specifically for the 1970 and 1983 World Series-winning O’s teams.