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Orioles All-Stars turn up with style for the red carpet experience

It’s always good to take the excuse to dress up

All-Star Red Carpet Show
Yennier Cano and family on the All-Star red carpet.
Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

One of the fun side things about the All-Star Game is the red carpet experience that MLB puts on in the afternoon before the game, where the year’s All-Stars dress themselves and sometimes their families up in a kind of glamorous way that there’s not usually much occasion for in the baseball world.

As with everything else to do with the All-Star festivities, Orioles fans haven’t had as much occasion to enjoy this in recent years since there haven’t been a bunch of All-Stars in seven years. Before the game on Tuesday afternoon, Orioles All-Stars Félix Bautista, Yennier Cano, Austin Hays, and Adley Rutschman dressed up and turned out.

I will leave the commentating on the looks to someone whose sense of aesthetics for fashion exceeds my nonexistent sense for these things, and just share them for you without much commentary.

Along with Bautista is the Orioles team translator, Brandon Quinones. I think I’m qualified enough to say that the translator’s look is less ambitious.

Adley Rutschman had his dad with him for the Home Run Derby last night and brought his mother and sister with him onto the red carpet:

Pictured above with this article is Cano and his family. Because one can never have enough cute baby pictures, here’s Cano with just the little one:

All-Star Red Carpet Show Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Would I look cool if I had those shades? Actually, don’t answer that.

Not to be forgotten here is Hays, who had custom suits for himself and his two sons, but has not gotten himself posted to a tweet or photo stream I have access to as of this writing, so enjoy this Orioles tweet that includes photos of all four guys and their squads:

Those are some good-looking All-Star families. Let’s bring a whole crew again next year, Orioles.