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The Orioles Lead The AL East In July GIF Party

Percentage points count! You know what must be done!

Los Angeles Dodgers v Baltimore Orioles
Tell ‘em, Gunnar
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It is Wednesday evening.

The Orioles, after avoiding a sweep with a win over the Dodgers in their own game, find themselves in first place in the division (by percentage points) thanks to the Rays getting swept by the Rangers. Tampa lost its Wednesday afternoon game, 5-1.

The two teams are now tied in the games back column in the AL East. However, the Rays, with a 60-39 record, have a .606 winning percentage, while the Orioles, at 58-37, are at a .611 winning percentage. The Orioles are in first place! The Orioles are in first place. This is not a drill. It is July and the Orioles are in first place.