If You Were The Manager-Who Plays Who Sits?

This is horrible! The Orioles are beating up the other kids on the playground like total bullies. One of these days the other teams Mom's are going to show up and have it out with the Umpires... They might even stop bringing orange slices for the players...

It was sad to watch Chicago get beat up. They got picked apart at the trade deadline. Chicago actually could have been a good team if they had addressed their obvious issues early in the season, like benching players too lazy to bend over for ground balls.

As does everyone, I pray Bautista's injury is only as severe as a 15 day IL but it is good to see that the team did not do what the Yankees did when Justice went down... which is fold up like a cheap suit!

I'm wondering if too much rest in between starts contributed to his injury. In his absence, it's good to see the bullpen is holding together ... especially Fuji!

I have no idea how Hyde is going to piece together a playoff roster that reflects the contributions of every player!

This is 2 teams worth of quality big league starters. How do you tell anyone who has been contributing at this apex level to sit? All the players can play every position... and don't forget, McCann has the lowest ERA out of the bullpen!

Anyone have thoughts on who definitely deserves the honor of playing in the big show?

*note to self...The Orioles have a confirmed winning season and no matter how much money they spend or how many sportscasters keep blathering about their exploits... THE YANKEES WILL BE RAKING LEAVES IN OCTOBER!

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