Wrapped In A Wet Paper Bag

Camden Yards is wrapped in a wet paper bag and the O's are struggling to hit their way out of it.

What has happened to the team that just a few days ago was tacking up double digit run totals?

NBC's pre game hype for the Rays vs O's even went out of their way to poop on the party with mindless blather about the Yankees vs Red Sox... as if anyone in Baltimore cares.

They even trotted out an Umpire who managed to make 2 or 3 blatantly horrible calls every inning including the missed strike three that allowed another chance for the go ahead run.

Why oh why do the baseball Gods hate Baltimore?

So the question is... with the remaining schedule, do the O's have a chance to win a single game or are they going to be getting a really good draft pick next year?

I really hope there is some Orioles magic left in the bag, they can sure use it!

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