Take One For The Team...

Well, it is beyond obvious that when the MLB brass was figuring out the schedule, they all looked at each other and said, " The heck with it, we need to finish this before the 1:00 lunch special ends at the Deli... Let's just slam the O's with 17 games in a row crisscrossing the country at the end of the season and get this over with... I mean who really cares, it's just Baltimore."

Brandon Hyde needs to sit down with someone from the pitching rotation and have them take one for the team. He needs to make a statement to teach the league a lesson.

Hyde needs to have one pitcher pitch the whole game regardless of the score, regardless of the pitch count. Give everyone a day rest, position players too. Don't worry about throwing hard and hurting your arm, don't worry if the score is 46 to 3, forget the pitch clock...just take your time and teach the MLB office that they can't put together a schedule that abuses a team with unreasonable travel and frequency of play.

*And if I'm the manager, I am using my post game interview to let the league know why they just saw the game they did!

Do you think they would put together this abusive of a schedule for the Yankees?

Go ahead and tank one. If the O's lose a game so what, who cares. They would probably lose due to fatigue anyway.

At least the O's would probably come back refreshed and win the next one. Their magic number is well within reach. They can afford to lose one to get some rest.

Without rest, Baltimore could end up being a Wild Card team and would still be tired. They could get bounced out in the first round. That would be a tragedy considering the season they have had.

I think it's worth the gamble to put one game in jeopardy of a blowout in order to set the Bullpen up for a successful run.

Not to mention, it would be nice to teach the powers that be in the league offices a lesson. The league is more than just the gigantic market teams, everybody counts... even Baltimore!

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