Save Your Candy For The Ballgame

Well, I couldn't help myself. I got the Birdland membership so I could get post season tickets. The post season sale was a nightmare but I kind of lucked out and managed to get some tickets... Only one problem, I wanted to see post season play and the O's were flat so... I bought tickets for the Wild Card round. Oops!

I then was fighting with the website and it came down to just clicking on tickets one after the other getting kicked back time after time. I finally got thru with tickets for ALDS game 3 at home... which holds a strong possibility they could win or lose a best of 5 before that game is played... ticket set 2 could be nullified if they win or lose early.

Now, if they survive the gauntlet, I have tickets for ALCS home game 2 so tonights division clincher may be my saving grace.


On another note...

As I watch these last few games I am reminded of a season of Stat Cast and whatever showing all the pitch distribution grids. They may look nice but do the pitchers really have enough control to hit marks in the pretty little boxes?

Me thinks not... I believe that they just close their eyes and throw the ball as hard as they can hoping for the best.

But I digress, let's take for example a pitcher like Kremer who according to his bio throws a Cutter, Fastball, Change up, Slider, and a Curve ball. How many pitches does he have at his command? Six.

Okay, how about Fujinami? His bio says he has a Fastball, Change up, Cutter, and a Slider. How many pitches? Five.

But wait... we didn't do that bad in math. What are we missing?

The Bean ball... that's right, I said the Bean ball.

Everyone can throw one so you might as well count it

There is no point in giving a dangerous hitter a free pass. Make him pay for it with...the Bean ball.

It doesn't need to be thrown hard enough to injure the player, just give them a 60 mph high school speed curve ball to the thigh to give them a good Charley Horse. If the pitcher does it a couple times during a game he should apologize profusely and shake his hand pretending it's an accident.

If a runner is being a pain about leading off base, don't throw to first, bean the runner instead. You may give him one base but he will think twice about taking two.

Away game and the teams mascot is being a distraction...Bean ball

If the Manager is coming out of the dugout to yank the pitcher out of the game and the pitcher wants to keep playing...yep, the Bean ball.

Umpire isn't giving you the call on the Slider on the edge of the plate... well, that's a little tougher and you have to coordinate with the Catcher to move...

Of course this is written 100% in jest. I wanted to see if anyone else has a sense of humor

Baseball is an unbelievably dangerous sport and no player should do anything that may injure another player or spectator.

I felt like having a little fun because I am in a good mood. The O's look great! They only need a 3 or 4 pitcher rotation for the post season so they should have a sick bullpen. Most of all... they are still playing like winners!

I think we just might be watching baseball with pockets full of Halloween candy.

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