Bradish excels in his homecoming, delivering a start of impressive quality


Surrounded by over 70 family members and friends who had gathered in the stands at Chase Field on a Saturday night, Kyle Bradish found it surreal to grasp the reality of the moment. As he took to the field for warm-up just before his start, he had to give himself a slight pinch to believe it was all real. "While playing catch, I had to do it a little bit, seeing all those familiar faces out there," shared the Orioles' right-hander. Hailing from Peoria, Ariz., and a graduate of Millennium High School in nearby Goodyear, Bradish carried the weight of not wanting to disappoint the extensive support he had garnered. As he stood on the mound in downtown Phoenix for the very first time at the age of 26, he aimed to leave a lasting impression on those who had been following him on TV all year long.