So, I figured out why a hamburger costs $17. bucks at the Yard. They have to pay the players enough so that they can afford the tens of thousands of dollars worth of tattoos they have.

Has anyone else noticed the obscene amount of ink the players are sporting these days?

As a bonding exercise and show of team unity I think that the entire team should get half dollar sized tattoos of the Orioles logo on their arms... including the coaches, trainers bat, boys, broadcasting team.

The entire league would recognize them as a singular force to be respected and feared.

Oh... go ahead and snivel with the, "what if they get traded?".

So you get another tattoo of your new team below it... and the next and the next. It would become a resume in ink.

If you get a long term contract, have it covered with a larger version of the logo.

If you are going to have a tattoo, have it stand for something...Go O's!

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