Facing Nolan - Bum Stats Used to Say Ryan Should Have Beaten Palmer in '73 Cy Young

I have been watching the new Netflix documentary, "Facing Nolan" and been thoroughly enjoying it. That is, until it came to the discussion around the 1973 Cy Young Award. It seems like Nolan was robbed according to the commentators when Baltmore's own Jim Palmer was somehow given the award despite the fact that Nolan set the Strike-Out Record, threw 2 No Hitters, had only one less win and had a better ERA. I had to admit, I was sold, until I realized that the statistics shown on the screen didn't show the full Win-Loss Record or an accurate ERA for Nolan.

I understand that given the fact that Nolan Ryan is one of baseball history's best pitchers and one of its fiercest competitors, it is hard to believe he never won a CY Young award. That said, at least in 1973, he deserved the runner-up status. Jim Palmer had a 22-9 record to Nolan's 21-16. Despite the graphic shown in the documentary where it says Nolan's ERA for 1973 was 2.27, it was actually 2.87, almost a half run higher than Palmer's 2.40. To add insult to injury the graphic also showed that Nolan's ERA for 1974 was 2.29 when it was 2.89.

Nolan's numbers are outstanding and he is a very deserved first vote Hall of Fame, but in a sport like Baseball, where statistics are king, don't fudge the numbers to make the case that Nolan was robbed in 1973. The strikeouts, the records, the wins on poor teams generally, the longevity, the lifetime ERA and No Hitters are enough to make Nolan's case. I hope this was an honest error, but how does something that blatant make it airing.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with Nolan and his greatness, but Netflix needs to get their act together.

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