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Orioles announce 2024 giveaways, heralding the return of Mr. Splash

There are also multiple City Connect-themed giveaways on the calendar

Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles
Jeopardy clue: This gimmick soaked Camden fans and looks like it’s coming back for another year.
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Who doesn’t like to get something free when they come to see an Orioles game? The team announced a giveaway schedule for its 2024 home games on Tuesday morning that it hopes will entice people to show up at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It’s a familiar giveaway lineup to anyone who’s been engaged with the team for a while, with most of the items just being new designs for familiar apparel and collectible items.

One top item of the team’s press release revealing the giveaways is that the Orioles are bringing back the Bird Bath Splash Zone for home games this year. This is a terrible idea, dragging out a gimmick that was fun for the players last year but is likely to be abandoned by them this year. Marketing could not bring themselves to let it go so quickly.

There are five bobbleheads on the Orioles giveaway calendar for this season. This group includes a bobble honoring AL Manager of the Year Brandon Hyde (April 27), Mr. Splash (May 10), a walkoff-themed bobble for Anthony Santander (June 1), what’s labeled as an Adley Rutschman switch-hitter bobble with no design yet (July 28), and an equally mysterious design celebrating Gunnar Henderson’s AL Rookie of the Year campaign (August 23).

If you’re looking to get another free Orioles t-shirt into your wardrobe, or if you want to bring your parents to a game so that they can put a Jason Berken shirsey into retirement, your choices will be fewer. Another round of ketchup, mustard, and relish shirts will be given away on May 27, the Memorial Day game. This is good news for the peculiar people who want to wear these shirts to games, and neutral news for everyone else.

There are other t-shirt giveaways on the calendar for June 13 and August 17, with a t-shirt hoodie on September 2, the Labor Day game. There are no designs for any of these yet, so presumably they’ll be chosen based on who gets off to a good start in the coming season and also hasn’t had a shirt giveaway lately. Two actual shirt giveaways is not a lot for one season.

To my fellow Birdland Hawaiian Shirt fans out there, I bring good news and bad news. The good news is that another Hawaiian Shirt is on the giveaway list this year. The bad news is that it’s a City Connect-themed Hawaiian Shirt and it sucks. If you want this one anyway, June 29 is your game. I bring similar bad news to my floppy hat-wearing compatriots regarding a July 26 giveaway, though at least this one’s reversible.

You want jerseys? There are jerseys too. I hope the 70th anniversary replica set for May 17 is of a better quality than a Jim Palmer replica that they gave away last decade some time. For what I think is the first time at an Orioles game, a Pride jersey will be given away to the first 10,000 fans 15 and over, rather than only those who’ve bought a special package. That’s coming on June 27, as the Orioles play the Rangers.

A soccer jersey is lined up for August 24, with a football jersey coming on September 7. Are there designs for these jerseys yet? Not publicly, anyway.

The full list of giveaways and dates, also including some other regularly-occurring items like a sponsored beach towel, can be found on the Orioles website.

Are you circling any of these dates already? Disappointed with a lack of creativity? Let us know your giveaway thoughts in the comments below.