Sarasota Spring Training

Hey everyone, longtime O's fan here in the NOVA area who didn't cross to the 'Nats years ago and stayed loyal. My wife and I gifted our sons (11 and 7) a trip to Sarasota for Christmas this year. We are going 2/29-3/4 and going to see the O's twice! Once on Sunday 3/3 at Bradenton against the Pirates and Monday 3/4 in Sarasota.

My question is, with this being our first time, is there anyone who has frequented spring training who can give us tips and advice on how to get signatures, etc? Best times to arrive, where at the complex etc. I know the studs like Gunnar and Adley will be hard to reach but we're going to try our best to make this a once in a lifetime experience for our boys.

Thanks, and let's get the beer cold this spring!

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