How much capital did 33 ABs cost us last year?

I'm not going to anoint as the end-all source of information, but for a guy that just can't break out his credit card, I find it good information for the price.

So, I saw who they had as the 10 best SS prospects and was completely unsurprised to see Holliday at the number 1 spot. I kept looking, expecting to see Ortiz on there as well. Nope, he is no longer a top 10 SS prospect and I have a strong suspicion that the will drop out of the top 100 overall prospects, when that is released. That would be a pretty big drop, for a guy who was #50 on their list last year.

Oh, must of had a shitty year at AAA? Yea, .321 avg and nearly 900 ops, just does not cut it these days. He did see a power drop, but he played 50 less games and had 200 fewer ABs.

His 33 big league ABs did not exactly scream "put me in coach", but stretching out 33 ABs over 15 games and two different 2 week callups, didn't exactly show the kind of confidence that the rest of the world, or at least had in him. It was that lack of confidence that saw him omitted from the prospect list.

If we had offered him up at last year's trade deadline, he had a decent chance of bring back his full value. Now, I fear the rest of the league is telling us that they do not want our 3rd stringer. We missed the boat. We might not of got the exact player wanted in trade, but we would have got equal value, even if it was a minor leaguer at a position we are thinner at.

Just this guys humble opinion.

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