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Introducing the 1966 Orioles retro recap project

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Monday Bird Droppings: Congratulations to baseball’s newest Hall of Famers

With the baseball lockout putting player news on hold, two Hall of Fame panels elected six new HoFers, including Negro Leaguer Buck O’Neil.

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Weekend Bird Droppings: Buck Showalter under consideration for Mets job

The lockout continues as a familiar face is up for a manager’s job.

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Friday Bird Droppings: The lockout has begun, and it probably won’t end anytime soon

MLB owners made it official early yesterday, voting to lock out the players for the foreseeable future. Now we play the waiting game.

Orioles agree to terms with free agent pitcher Jordan Lyles right before lockout

Jordan Lyles gave up the most earned runs of any AL pitcher in both 2020 and 2021, so it’s like he was already an Oriole in spirit.

Wear Cedric Mullins’s home run robbery around town with this new shirt

Orioles prospects were a mixed bag in the Arizona Fall League this year

The Orioles sent a group of players to Arizona this fall for extra work, and while most of them struggled and some got injured, there were a couple of bright spots.

Thursday Bird Droppings: Baseball on hold for who knows how long

The long-expected MLB owner lockout could officially begin at any time. The Orioles and every other team’s offseason is now on hold.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: MLB lockout day is upon us

The Orioles tendered contracts, signed a major league free agent, and made a few moves on the 40-man roster ahead of a likely lockout.

Orioles sign guy who punched Jose Bautista that one time

Rougned Odor hasn’t been good in three years, which means he stinks just enough to play for the Orioles. They also made some arbitration decisions on Tuesday.

How long should the Orioles continue to put their top talent up for sale?

Trading established players is the mark of a rebuilding team, which the Orioles are. But when does it become time to start keeping them to support the new foundation?

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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the free agent frenzy continues

As the clock ticks down to an MLB lockout, the hot stove action has been absolutely bananas.

Monday Bird Droppings: The probable lockout is getting deals done, just not here

MLB’s CBA expires at midnight on Thursday. There’s been a flurry of activity ahead of that deadline, just nothing that registers here in Birdland.

Camden Chat’s Top 50 Greatest Orioles of All Time, 2020 edition

A whole lot of great players have played for the Orioles since 1954. In 2020, we counted down the top 50.

Weekend Bird Droppings: Mullins rumor ignites the internet

It’s OK for the Orioles to listen. If something more happens, then it will be actual news.

Friday Bird Droppings: The MLB lockout countdown continues

Baseball’s hot stove has six more days to keep churning before the impending lockout freezes the sport. Here we go.

Thanksgiving Bird Droppings: Thankful for... another Orioles #1 pick?

The Orioles 52-110 record doesn’t leave much to be thankful for, except for another #1 pick. There were some fun individual moments, though.

Wednesday Bird Droppings: A look into the Orioles’ future

The hot stove is heating up, but not in Baltimore. Unless the "dangling" of John Means counts.

Orioles rumor: Other teams say O’s “dangling” John Means

ESPN’s Buster Olney relays that "other teams say the Orioles are dangling" John Means... whatever that means.

An early preview of next year’s Orioles pre-Rule 5 draft 40-man roster decisions

The Orioles added six prospects to the 40-man roster ahead of the Rule 5 draft, just like last year. How many are already lined up for next year?

MLB Trade Rumors

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where Trey Mancini’s comeback was an inspiration

The O’s fan favorite was named AL Comeback Player of the Year yesterday, and it couldn’t be more deserved.

Monday Bird Droppings: Orioles minor leaguers in Arizona are fall champions

The Mesa Solar Sox, the team including several Orioles minor leaguers, are the 2021 Arizona Fall League champions.

Weekend Bird Droppings: The Orioles are filling up their 40-man roster

Mike Elias left just one open spot on his team heading towards the non-tender deadline.

Orioles add six prospects, including DL Hall, to the 40-man roster

The Orioles added six of their Rule 5 draft-eligible prospects to the roster today. Five of them are pitchers.

Which Orioles prospects could be added to the 40-man roster today?

Later today, the Orioles will add prospects to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft. O’s beat writers expect 4-6.

Friday Bird Droppings: Where Cedric Mullins was the AL’s ninth-most valuable player

A guy who entered the season with no real track record of success finished it in the top 10 of the AL MVP voting. Heck of a showing from the Birds’ breakout star.

Thursday Bird Droppings: Cedric Mullins might get some 10th place MVP votes or something

Are you excited to see if Cedric Mullins gets a few 10th place votes? No, me either, but it’s all we’ve got today.

Guy who whined about the Orioles stealing his signs wins AL Cy Young Award

Despite giving up an .894 OPS in three games against the Orioles this year, Robbie Ray won the AL Cy Young Award.


Will the Orioles continue their streak of successful shortstop acquisitions?

The Orioles have rarely gone outside the organization for help, but they’ve struck gold more than once at short. Should the moves generate optimism for future success in free agency?

Wednesday Bird Droppings: Awaiting the promised flurry of moves

There has been some movement among teams, and more should be on the way.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where it’s Mike Elias’ three-year Orioles anniversary

The Orioles general manager was hired on this date in 2018. It’s been an adventure so far.

How the new CBA addresses service time could completely alter the 2022 Orioles

The club has a slew of prospects that could be deemed "big league ready" sooner than they would have under existing rules.