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Manager and nerd-in-chief of Camden Chat, SB Nation's Baltimore Orioles blog.

Monday Bird Droppings: Digesting an eventful Orioles weekend

Between the new fence distance at Camden Yards and the weekend’s international signings, there’s a lot to make you think about the Orioles future.

Orioles hand out team’s biggest international bonus yet as new signing period begins

The Orioles announced an international signing class of 24 players on Saturday, headlined by $1.7 million Dominican shortstop Braylin Tavera

In moving fences back, the Orioles solve a small problem, leaving the big one for later

The Orioles moving back the fences should help their pitchers a bit. They’ll really solve their problem when they get better players.

Thursday Bird Droppings: The 40-year anniversary of Frank Robinson’s HOF election

On this day 40 years ago, the Orioles got their first Hall of Famer. If you can believe it, 45 people did NOT vote for Frank Robinson.

Which Orioles from the 2022 team calendar will still be here when their month arrives?

Rebuilding teams like the Orioles present extra challenges for a calendar maker, because good players could be traded and bad ones released any time.

Monday Bird Droppings: Baseball gets the stage back in Baltimore

Football season is over in Baltimore, which means it’s baseball season! Except there’s no idea when the lockout will end and the Orioles actually play.

Thursday Bird Droppings: The Orioles new radio home is their old radio home

Even as the lockout rolls on, there was some Orioles news yesterday. They’re heading back to WBAL radio for the 2022 season.

Guest Orioles retro recap: O’s offense stymied in 7-0 loss to Twins

The 1966 Orioles were a great team, and even they lost 63 times. Camden Chat commenter 33 wrote a guest retro recap of one of those losses.

Retro Orioles recap: Eddie Watt joins rotation, hits dinger as Orioles beat Tigers, 13-3

The Orioles hit four dingers, including two by future MVP/HOF Frank Robinson, but it was 25-year-old Eddie Watt who stole the show on July 19, 1966.

New Year’s Day Bird Droppings: New year dreams of a better Orioles team

Is this going to be the year the Orioles start to suck less? A guy can dream, and this one sure is.