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Manager and nerd-in-chief of Camden Chat, SB Nation's Baltimore Orioles blog.

New Year’s Day Bird Droppings: New year dreams of a better Orioles team

Is this going to be the year the Orioles start to suck less? A guy can dream, and this one sure is.

Thursday Bird Droppings: About to close the book on another very bad Orioles year

The Orioles lost 110 games in 2021. Let’s hope that the calendar’s coming turn to a new year means better things for the big league club.

Christmas Bird Droppings: Where we could use a better pitching staff from Santa

Merry Christmas to all in Birdland who celebrate. The Orioles probably won’t give you any gifts today.

Thursday Bird Droppings: Starting to think about the 2022 Orioles Opening Day roster

It’s two days until Christmas, so why not start thinking about next year’s Orioles? There’s nothing better to do!

Monday Bird Droppings: Praise rolls in for the Mets hiring Buck Showalter

Former Orioles, including Zack Britton and Manny Machado, are big fans of Buck Showalter getting another managerial job.

Buck Showalter hired as manager of the New York Mets

Former Orioles manager Buck Showalter has a new job. He’s got a three-year contract to manage the New York Mets.

Thursday Bird Droppings: The lockout is two weeks old edition

It feels like the MLB ownership lockout has been going on for longer than two weeks. Reportedly, no big talks will take place until January.

Monday Bird Droppings: Buck Showalter in the next round for Mets manager

The biggest Orioles news to start this week remains whether former manager Buck Showalter gets the open Mets job.

Thursday Bird Droppings: Buck Showalter gets his interview with the Mets

The former Orioles manager is in the mix for another MLB managerial job. He’s come up short before, but reportedly now has the owner in his corner.

Orioles select two players in minor league phase of Rule 5 draft

The minor league phase of the Rule 5 draft basically doesn’t matter, but there’s no other baseball news at all, so let’s look at who the Orioles picked.