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Ryan Mountcastle is making adjustments

With more time has come more comfort for the Orioles’ most intriguing hitter.

Cedric Mullins found changes that work

Having ditched the switch, Mullins’ commitment to the left side of the plate has brought upon a refined feel for hitting.

Paul Fry has been untapped

The previous regime left a parting gift, and the new one has helped the lefty reach his potential.

Bruce Zimmermann is as interesting as you thought

He can be a master tunneler, and there’s another elite changeup in the Orioles rotation.

The Orioles’ pitching staff has taken a step forward in 2020

Comparing Year One versus Year Two of the Mike Elias regime provides further evidence the Orioles are heading in the proper direction.

DJ Stewart looks like a brand new player and the Orioles are reaping the rewards

The former first-rounder started his 2020 season hitless in his first 28 plate appearances. He’s, uh, not hitless anymore.

Is Miguel Castro figuring it out?

He’s far from perfect, but the ever-interesting Castro is figuring out the importance of throwing strikes.

The Orioles are starting to get the Alex Cobb they wanted when they signed him

Heading into 2020, Alex Cobb had yet to do much to live up to his contract. Now, Cobb is healthy, and as good as he’s ever been.

Rio Ruiz looks different in more ways than one

While his new 80-grade lettuce is certainly worth a discussion all its own, Ruiz’s swing changes are probably more interesting. Well, maybe...

Don’t be surprised the Orioles like Dean Kremer

Having slowly become the centerpiece of the Manny Machado trade, Kremer looks like he belongs. Well, it’s probably because he does.