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Friday Bird Droppings: Negotiations have continued, but with little progress

MLB made a formal proposal to the players’ union yesterday, but reportedly it didn’t do much to move the needle toward a new CBA.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: An Orioles minor league minicamp begins

While most of baseball is in a holding pattern, the O’s are at least keeping their minor leaguers busy for the next week or so.

Friday Bird Droppings: Looking ahead to Orioles international signings

The O’s will reportedly be handing a franchise-record bonus to Dominican center fielder Braylin Tavera next week. Not too shabby!

Retro Orioles recap: Boog single-handedly powers O’s to comeback win

The slugging O’s first baseman drove in all four O’s runs with three homers, including a tying blast in the ninth and the winner in extras.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the wait for baseball continues

We’re not just waiting for an end to the lockout, we’re still waiting for the serious negotiations to even begin.

New Year’s Eve Bird Droppings: Goodbye and good riddance, 2021

This year wasn’t much of an improvement over 2020, both from an Orioles standpoint and in the world at large. C’mon, 2022. Third time’s the charm.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Happy birthday, Mike Elias

The Orioles GM turns 39 today. Thanks to the lockout, he can’t celebrate with any meaningful changes to the O’s roster.

Friday Bird Droppings: The Night Before Christmas, MLB Edition

It’s Christmas Eve. Maybe Santa will bring us an end to the MLB lockout.

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Hurry up and wait

As the MLB lockout continues, the two sides are said to have made "very little" progress toward a deal. Sigh.

Friday Bird Droppings: Nothing’s going to happen for a while

We’ve got several more weeks of the MLB lockout ahead of us. Hope you like minor league signings, because that’s all that’s happening.