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The Orioles’ final weekend offers a glimpse into the past and the future

As the 2018 season finally comes to a close, there are a handful of intriguing story lines to look for in the last homestand against Houston.

Even with the No. 1 pick, don’t bank on the Orioles drafting a future superstar

It will be big if the Baltimore Orioles get the first pick in 2019. But history says the odds of the choice being a Hall of Famer, or even a great player, are low.

For the Orioles rebuild to work, a lot of things need to go right

Get ready but don’t buckle up just yet, Baltimore. It’s going to be a while until the rebuilding process pays off, and only if the Orioles play their cards right.

Remembering some of Buck Showalter’s iconic moments as Orioles manager 

In parts of nine seasons, Buck Showalter has led the Orioles to three playoff appearances, a winning record, a changed culture and now a rebuild. There have been plenty of memorable moments along the way.

What does the future hold for Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter with the Orioles?

Who will lead the Baltimore Orioles in the front office and on the field in 2019 and beyond? And what exactly is the timeline and plan?

The most woeful, shocking and mind-blowing numbers from the Orioles’ 2018 season 

They’ll stick with you. Which sucks. As much as we’d like to forget, these statistics are unbelievable. This is a new level of bad.

The 2018 Orioles stink, but there are still reasons to go to Camden Yards

Giveaways, bacon on a stick, fireworks, movies, new and old players top the list of draws over the next three long months.

Will 2018 be the worst Baltimore Orioles team ever?

1954 and 1988 were bad seasons. 2018 is trending to be even worse.

One week later: A closer look at the Jim Palmer, Chris Davis situation

How do former O’s Steve Stone, Kent Mercker, Lou Piniella and Mark Reynolds figure into this public spat?

Quick hits: Seven Orioles topics worth discussing

David Hess, good vibes, trades, lefties, traveling, spring training and Davey Johnson are some Orioles-related topics we’re thinking about at the quarter mark of the season.